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Somebun (BERNIE) peed on the rug!!

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Skywalker reporting here.

It's been a ruff morning. Here I was hoppin around our pen, tormenting my seester. Well gawt doggit, she dun BAITED me! She had this shiny paper fing hangin off her cage, an I tried to NOM it! But AHHHHH it was STICKY!!! It gawt stuck on mah hansum face! Well Mama saw me swipe it, so she alerted the authorities (Daddeh), an he climbed in mah pen. Well I weren't havin dat, so I jumped in mah litterbox, but I was too slow in mah old age. I was havin a panic attack acause this shiny sticky fing was STUCK on mah chinny chin chin!!!! GAH! Well Daddeh comes an gawt dog RIPS it off! OUCH! It's a miracle I eben gawt furs left.


Oooooh BOOKEY!

Me Bernie got 2 new B stickas for Me Bernie's cage. Me Bernie had one big pretty B sticka that Mummy got me from Belga Cafe. Then Datty got Mummy a pressie from Boone & Sons Jewelry store, an they put 3 B stickas on it, an Datty saved 2 of them fur Me Bernie. Well they weren't quite sticky enuff an BOOKEY came an NOMMED one right off Me Bernie's cage!!!

So now Me Bernie got NO new B stickas acause Datty took my new B stickas away acause they were a bunny hazard. =(


Me Waterhoss Reporting For Duty!!

Hehe last week Me Waterhoss faked sick so that Mummy came home to check on Me Waterhoss after lunchies, and then stayed home wif Me Waterhoss all day the next day! Bwahahaha!

Me Waterhoss weren't even sick really, just trynna lose some weight via starvation. Bwahahaha!

The sno

It just keeps sno-ing!


I am a gif.


I bin bunderin...

Maybe Crate & Barrel sells rabbit skywalks? Or Ikea??

We got a snow day here, egg-specktin 8-10 inches with arctic temperatures. Polar Vortex 2.0!

Look at me postin 2 days in a row!

You can see where they didn't salt! This is just the beginning, apparently!

Hi Everyone!

Wow, it has been a long time!

First, let me hopologize, and second, let me thank all of you who voted for Bernie in her Halloween costume contest back in Hoptober. SHE WON!

I know we've been quiet, but we're always keeping up with you all on the journals, blogs, and Facebook. It's been such a whirlwind year. Ever since we moved, we've just been so busy keeping track of these apes! Well, we buns are OK. I just turned 8 last week, but you couldn't tell by my binkies and bunny 500s. I do enjoy my nice morning, afternoon, evening, and pre-bedtime nap though. Bernie's alright too. Not much has changed there. She's still pretty cray cray, but she's getting much better and being ape-handled, although when she's had enough, she'll tell you! A big difference from me there, Bernie has always been a VERY vocal bunny with her squeaks and grunts and growls. The apes haven't bonded us yet, so we're still neighbors. They're so busy with work and other things - they don't really have the time to dedicate to it every single day. When the time is right, maybe they'll try again, but we're all used to the living situation now. Besides, I'm still preeeeeettty sure that Bernie wants to have me for dinner, so no complaints from me!

We're still living in our apartment on Capitol Hill. It's a nice location, and we have a bunny sitter named Sharon who comes and takes care of us when the apes decide to jet off to the Caymans for a week. Sharon's real cool, and she accidentally didn't close Bernie's cage, so Bernie was just on the loose for 36 hours before the apes came home! Haha! She didn't do anything bad or even escape our pen though... She's still learning... Daddeh is still working for the same accounting firm that he hired on with up here, but they're expanding, and he's got a brand new shiny office a few blocks from Mama downtown. Mama's still at her same job too - which is a London-based company by the way! It's called Melcrum - heard of them? It's a consulting firm. Anyhoo, I guess they're doing alright, cause we still have limitless supplies of hay, kibbles, and treats. They work a lot more than they used to back in Looserana, but I think they have much better jobs meow.

Well, just wanted to hop by and say hello since it's been a while. Here are some pictures of us!

That's my birfday cupcake.

Bernie skypin wif her boyfriend Rooney

Bernie in our new tunnel that Santy Paws brought us