Well it has been a while, but we need your help!

Hey guys! I know it's been a while, and we owe you an entire BOOK in updates, but before that, could you please vote for Bernie in her taco suit costume? You can only vote once from each device, but you can vote from each different Internet browser that you use also.

Mama's workin from home a few days this week, so a nice long update will follow! In the meantime, here's the link: VOTE VOTE VOTE!
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Attention! Me Bernie completed a fantastic LIA Mission this morning! Me Bernie SWATTED my kibble bowl and made it rain kibbles ALL OVER the living room and under the couch! BAHAHAHA!! The apes were NONE too pleased to wake up to that mess! BWAH!
boogey incognito

Happy Easter!

Hello everybun! I know it's been a while since we've updated out journal. Our apes have been very busy, so we don't get much computer time these days. We're doing OK though! I celerybrated my 7th birthday back in January, and Bernie got rid of those pesky ear mites for good! We've survived Nemo, Snowquester, and other unnamed snowstorms, and got abundoned for a whole week while the apes went to Bawstin.

Here are some pictures of what we've been up to, and the apes too:

Snow in the city
Snow in the city



Apey boats

Forced Family Fun

Forced Family Fun (I gave BerNIE a kiss!)


Check out my belly!
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Hello everyone! We hope everyone had a nice Christmas and New Year's! We were very busy - Daddy's parents, brother, sister, and their husband and wife all came to DC to visit us! 

Tomorrow is my brother Boogey's birfday - he's going to be SEVEN! Can you believe that!

Me Bernie has ear mites AGAIN. Maybe I didn't get the right treatment the first time... Maybe they were on my new sweater that I got for being a good girl... Maybe they were on the Christmas tree. Who knows. Either way, the tree is gone, and the sweater has been washed. It's such a pain to get ear mite medicine here. Mommy and Daddy had to take me all the way to the vet, which is far. Also, our vet SUCKS. There aren't many vets in DC who see rabbits AND who are open on the weekends, so for now we are stuck with this jerk. Anyway, he gave us some medicine that has to go in our ears once a week for 3 weeks. Boogey doesn't have mites yet though. We still don't live together. But, we gave him a dose anyway, and he FREAKED out... Hmph.

Over the holidays, we had some big LIA missions! 
1. We broke the Dyson! Daddy had to take it apart COMPLETELY to fix it. It was Boogey's idea, and I executed. I shoved a giant piece of willow tunnel in the path of the Dyson, and it lost it's suction! Bahahaha!!
2. Boogey wasn't involved with this one - I broke my water bottle and caused a great FLOOD in my cage! When the apes came home, there I was, sitting in a puddle of water! So, I had to be towel dried, had to get my cage cleaned, and an emergency trip to the pet store was made.

Not bad for 2013...
Boogey and Ball

Blanket Shenanigans

I am the proud owner of many, many fine blankets. The only one that I ever want, though, is the old one that is draped over the entrance to my submarine. Mama puts it there so that when I jump in and out of my cage, I don't get my pawses caught in the wires. Every day, I hope up onto my loft, and streeeeeeeetch out real long, and grab the blanket in my teefs. Then I drag it up to my loft and play with it for approximately 3 seconds and throw it off. Then Mama sees it, and she HAS to come fix it. Every single time... It's a fun game!

Meanwhile, Bernie has been playing a fun game - she likes to eat the bars of her cage at night, and it wakes Mama up. She has to go in the kitchen at night now, and in the morning, Daddy brings her back in our pen. Well, Mama feels bad that Bernie has to sleep in the kitchen, because Bernie looks at Mama and makes her "Innocent Cute Bernie" (ha) face, and Mama lets her stay. Well the other night, Mama had had it, so Bernie went into the kitchen. Last night, she put Bernie in the kitchen as well, thinking that it'd be the first night that she'd get a good night's sleep - SURPRISE! Construction outside of our apartment building this morning woke her up! Karma is a blue bunny named BERNIE!

P.S. Thanks to everyone who sent us a card - we love you guys, and are so happy and honored to have so many great friends. We couldn't send cards to everyone this year, but we do wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
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A Very Impawtent Announcement

Hi Everyone! Me Bernie has a very impawtent announcement regarding Bunny Tunes. 

As of December 1st, the US Bunny Tunes website will be taken down. If you visit the site, you will be redirected to the UK site.

I hope everyone can understand. When Mummy started the website, she was still in college. She had plenty of free time and wasn't working. Over the years, she hasn't been able to devote as much time as she'd like to it, and she has had trouble keeping it updated. Not to mention, the host that she used wasn't the best, most user-friendly host, but it was cheap! With the paw-ful of US Bunny Tunes patrons, it's really not worth having a separate website, especially with the use of PayPal. 

For future Bunny Tunes orders, please visit the UK site ( All US orders will have a separate PayPal button, and you may still donate to the US rabbit charity of your choice.

We hope everyone understands - I know it's been very obvious to all of you from our less-frequent journal updates that we've been busy with our move, our parents working, and just life in general. Our lives never really stopped being busy after our parents got married! Not to mention, we haven't contributed any songs to the most recent Bunny Tunes albums either. =(

But just so you know, even though we may not post as often as we used to, we are still reading the journals and keeping up with all of you!

Me Bernie (And Boogey)
handsome boogey

Our Trip

What a crazy few weeks it's been!! I'm gonna write first, and then post pictures.

First, we had to start packing. That was NO FUN. It's hard to pack up a house, and even harder to decide what you're going to keep and throw away when you're downsizing!! For those of you who didn't know, we lived in a 1250 sq. ft. 2 bedroom/2 bathroom condo. We moved into a 694 sq. ft. 1 bedroom/1 bathroom apartment!! It was quite the challenge, but the apes didn't get rid of any of our stuff - Thank Ceiling Cat! We definitely need 8 different blankies... Midway through our packing, Hurricane Isaac came! He wasn't anything but a thorn in our sides - Baton Rouge did not get hit hard - just a little wind and rain. We didn't even lose power. We were very fortunate.

Isaac hit Tuesday - Thursday. On Friday, Mama was supposed to go to New Orleans to meet up with her mother-in-law. They had an early morning flight out of New Orleans on Saturday morning to head to Charlotte, North Carolina. From there, they were planning on driving to Columbia, South Carolina, for a friend's wedding. Daddy, on the other paw, was going to start loading up the moving truck with his daddy on Friday, and immediately head to DC to unload everything, and then come back to Louisiana. To make matters MORE complicated, on Thursday, we had to be 100% packed, so that we could all go stay at Daddy's brother's house. Daddy's brother's fiancee, Shelby, was going to bunnysit us while the apes were away. 

Because of the storm, both Mama and Daddy had some complications to deal with. The first was that Daddy's daddy was supposed to be getting the moving trailer from Houma, which is an hour and a half south of Baton Rouge. Well parts of Houma had no electricity from the storm, and no electricity means no Internet! Apparently, this moving company (U-Haul), couldn't rent out the trailer without Internet, even though Daddy had already paid for it and had a confirmation number and everything!! In addition to that, Daddy couldn't make any changes to the reservation (i.e. picking up a trailer in Baton Rouge - where there was power and Internet - instead of Houma), and he couldn't cancel it either! Basically, there was nothing that was guaranteeing them the trailer on Friday. This all happened on Thursday, so they quickly moved to plan B, which was renting a trailer from a local place in Houma. The catch was that they'd have to drive the trailer all the way back to Houma. With U-Haul, you can just drop it off at any U-Haul location around the US. DC is an 18.5 hour drive from Baton Rouge (without stops), so they really didn't want to make that drive twice with a trailer, but had no choice.

The second complication was that there was no way for Mama to get to New Orleans! A lot of the interstate from Baton Rouge to New Orleans was under water because of the storm, and even the back ways were flooded as well. The one way that Mama could take to get there was going to put her 2 hours out of the way, so she decided that she'd go to Houma, meet her mother-in-law there, and they'd go to New Orleans together Friday afternoon to check into the hotel. After they got back from the wedding, they'd just return to Houma together to pick up Daddy, since Daddy had to drive the moving trailer back to Houma with his daddy. Unfortunately, the hotel that they were planning on staying at Friday night before their flight was out of power, so they weren't accepting reservations. That wasn't a huge deal - Mama only got the hotel so that they wouldn't have to wake up super early to catch their 6 AM flight. Houma is 1 hour from New Orleans, by the way. It was decided that Mama would just spend the night with her mother-in-law in Houma, and they'd leave super early in the morning to get to New Orleans.

Everything seemed settled until Friday came... Mama had some loose ends to tie around Baton Rouge, but the weather (remnants of Isaac), and power outages were making it difficult. Things that should have taken her 20 minutes took her over an hour! By the time Mama hit the road, it was nearly 3 that afternoon. What she didn't know was that a route had been cleared for people in Baton Rouge to get to New Orleans - mainly for people who had evactuated the storm and wanted to return home to check on their houses. What normally takes an hour and a half took Mama SIX HOURS. She sat on the interstate with her car in PARK for FOUR hours in traffic!! Meanwhile, Daddy and his daddy were loading up the moving trailer. They were on the road headed to DC at 7 that night. Mama got to Houma at 9, and with a 2:30 AM wakeup call, was NOT a happy camper!

Everything was smooth sailing from then on for both apes though. Mama had a lot of fun at her friend's wedding. It was a traditional Muslim wedding, so it was something she hadn't seen before. Daddy and his daddy had no issues getting to the apartment and unloading all the boxes. They got back to Houma on Monday night, and Mama got in from her trip Tuesday morning. After lunch, they headed up to Baton Rouge to pick up me and Bernie.

Mama had HUGE plans for me and Bernie during this trip. Bernie has never been on a long car ride. I have - but I am not a fan. With me being so old, Mama was worried about me. She was planning on sitting in the back when Daddy was driving to be with us, and also to use this car trip as a major bonding session. However, she was foiled again! My cage wouldn't fit in the trunk!! It was too long... So they had to shove it in the backseat of the car, between the front seats and back seats!! There was absolutely no way she could get in the back to be with us. I guess I should also tell you that Daddy drives a truck, but since we moved to the city, he sold it, and we just have Mama's car now.

So off we went! Each time we stopped, the apes would check on us. I was fine. I breathe really hard in the car, but as soon as we'd stop, I'd calm down. Bernie, on the other paw, was REALLY ANGRY about being in the car! She gave some major rabbitude! 

The first night, we stopped in Chatanooga, Tennessee at around 2 AM. Bernie and I got smuggled into a hotel! Mama went in to get the room, and checked out the location of the lobby, elevators, and side doors. Then she came out with a luggage cart, and they put us on it and covered us up, and wheeled us really fast into the hotel and into the elevator! We spent one night there, and then we had to get snuck back out to the car. It worked, and we weren't discovered! 

We finally got into DC at 8:45 Wednesday night. Daddy set to work right away putting our cages back together. Bernie went in hers first, and I went into mine after. Mine took a while to put back together, because Daddy took it completely apart. While Daddy put the cages together, Mama was unpacking the necessities like sheets and towels. I was curious, but all in all OK with our new place. Bernie gave the apes the stink eye for 2 days. She's still not a happy bunny because we haven't gotten any playtime yet. All of our stuff hasn't been unpacked yet, but they are getting there.

The apes are almost finished unpacking. I'll post pictures of the finished product when they do. DC is really different from Baton Rouge. It's loud, and we live in a high rise. It's a big city, just like New York City. Mama takes the subway, and spends most of her time getting lost.

Serves her right.

One interesting thing that everyone has to get used to now is the fact that we are located much closer to the apes's bedroom! At night they can hear us loud and clear making our bunny sounds. The first night, Mama must have checked on us eleventy billion times because she couldn't tell what we were up to! BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

Also, just for everyone's information, we drove through: Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabamama, Georgia, Tennessee, and Virginia before we got to Washington, DC! It was at LEAST 20 hours with all of the stops we had to make for gas and food. *AHEM* We deserve an LIA award for that!

One last thing, we are going to post a private entry into our Livejournal right after this one with our new address. We still expect Chrismoose cards. (:3

Helping To Pack

Hurricane Isaac Blows Through

Mama's Henna Tattoo From The Indian Wedding

Trailer Almost Unloaded!

Indian Wedding

Almost All Packed!

Smuggled Into The Hampton Inn

Blue Ridge Mountains In Virginia

We Got Rick Rolled On The Way!

There We Are - Staring At Each Other In The Backseat!


We've Been Unpacked!

Day 1 Of Unpacking - What A Mess!

Bernie Is Terrified Of The New Couch

The Capitol - We See It Everytime We Leave The Apartment

Starting To Feel At Home

Bernie Disapproves Of The City